4 New Captive WiFi Portal Features To Keep Your Customers Coming Back To Your Venue

Getting customers to come back to your bar, restaurant or café is tough; venue’s that figure out a strategy to do this consistently enjoy continued growth and success; Could the latest Captive WiFi Portal Software give you the edge you need to keep your venue full for years to come?

In this blog, we talk through 4 of the latest features that your Captive WiFi Portal should offer to keep your customer experience ahead of the competition.

Competition for customers is fierce, attracting them to your café, bar or restaurant is tough… and getting them to come back is even tougher. This primary reason for this, is they fail to stay front of mind with their customers, personalise their marketing and create a compelling reason to come back.

You’ve worked hard to make your venue a success, you deserve to see your hard work pay off. We understand how tough it can be, which is why we keep on improving the features of the WandaFi Captive WiFi Portal Software, so you can stop worrying about how you fill your venue and start seeing record numbers of new and repeat customers through your doors.

1. Video popup adverts

When a customer accesses your WIFI, you can program specific video ads to popup on their phone or laptop screen, promoting a voucher for use on their next visit, or perhaps another one of your venues. You are also able to schedule different advert content for different venues, or at different stages of the login process (before login, or directly after login for example).

Consider this: when your customers are using social media, their news-feed is increasingly populated with easy to consume video content; they are used to consuming information through video because its quicker, easier and more visually interesting than reading that same info.

For example, you could have a video popup for visitors to your coffee shop each morning, promoting a lunchtime promotion or voucher, encouraging them to come back later that day.

Keep in mind, not every Captive WiFi Portal Software offers video popups, if yours doesn’t, contact us today and get a free demo of the video popup function on the WandaFi platform.

2. More space for images and adverts on the sign-up page

The first thing most customers do when they come into your venue, is access WIFI. Imagine being able to promote key menu items, upcoming events or other offers right there on the WIFI sign up screen, before they’ve even looked at your menu!

The problem with most Captive WiFi Portal Software, is the sign-up screens are often boring and purely functional, and that’s a missed opportunity.

Imagine presenting your customers with something bright and engaging as soon as they click connect to WiFi, something that presents them with a personalised offer, or makes them aware about an upcoming event later than week at your venue – now that’s powerful!

3. Easy to use GDPR features

The introduction of GDPR was long overdue and is a great step forward for consumers everywhere. If you’d like more info on what GDPR is and how it impacts you, check out this article.

In simple terms, it means we need to seek approval from anyone before we use their data for marketing. This forces marketers to do two key things,

  • Ask for a customer’s permission to contact them
  • Create useful and/or valuable marketing content that the customer wants to receive

This is great news and represents an opportunity for your venue to personalise your offers and marketing content, which will help differentiate you from your competitors.

The problem is, your customer has to complete a number of steps for you to ensure your Captive WiFi Portal is GDPR compliant. The good news is, we’ve now made it much easier for customers to opt-in, saving them time, getting them online, taking selfies and posting on Instagram about how great your venue is!

Remember, the longer it takes to access WiFi in your venue, the more likely that customer is to use their data instead and you’ve lost the opportunity to market to them and keep them coming back in the future.

4. Customers can use their Google login to get faster access to your Captive WIFI

Most bars, café’s and restaurants know that customer service is key to creating an exceptional customer experience, that keeps customers coming back. You’ve probably invested in training and developing your team to deliver a great service. But, have you considered how speed of access to WIFI in your venue might be creating a bad impression?

Despite your team’s effort to provide great service, if I have a frustrating experience using your WiFi, that might well be the one thing I remember and tell my friends about.

WandaFi has now added Google login as another option to allow your customers faster access to WiFi. In addition to using their social media accounts, customers who are already logged in to Google, can use this to save time and get online quickly.

These are just 4 of the newest features we’ve added to WandaFi, to improve your customer experience and help you make your venue a success. If you’d like to book a full demo and free trial access…