Hyper-Personalised Marketing to Make Your Venue a Success

Technology today has enabled the personalisation of experiences to unprecedented levels; the online adverts you see, the holiday recommendations based on your travel history, music suggestions and other products you might like based on your online shopping habits.

Social media is the most effective example of this; when your customers are using social media, their news-feed is tailored to them with the content, clubs, interests and people that they want to hear about.

Consumers are used to personalisation in so many aspects of their lives, it is fast becoming an expectation.

If your venue uses Captive WiFi Portal Software to capture customer details, here are some ideas to hyper-personalise your marketing campaigns so your customers keep coming back time and again:

  1. Offer discount vouchers for birthdays or anniversaries – make them feel special
  2. Use your customers first name in e-mail or text marketing – they are far more likely to open and read the message
  3. Send your marketing messages to customers based on the time of day. E.g: if they come in regularly for lunch, offer them a discount for a dinner promotion
  4. Or, based on the day of the week. E.g: if they usually visit your venue on week days, offer a discount voucher for a weekend evening
  5. Send marketing messages in your customers first language – they may speak more than one language, but sending them a message in their first language will show you are taking the time to personalise that message to them
  6. Recognise the frequency of their visits; if they regularly come in 2 times per week, offer a discount for their 3rd or 4th weekly visit
  7. Bring lost customers back; if someone was previously a regular visitor to your venue, but hasn’t been back for a few months, offer them a voucher to come back or share something new about your venue

Personalised marketing campaigns have a significantly higher success rate than generic messages that only serve to annoy customers for whom the message isn’t relevant.

Every time you send a marketing message to a customer that isn’t relevant to them, you create a bad impression. But it doesn’t have to be that way, with WandaFi’s Captive WiFi Portal Software, you can automate both the capture and personalisation of your marketing, so that your customers feel you are taking the time to offer them something valuable to them.

If you are not already a customer, call us today to arrange a demo and free WandaFi trial. If you are an existing customer and you’d like to implement some of the ideas above, click here to speak with an Advisor and we’ll be happy to help.