5 Features Your Venue’s WiFi Captive Portal Software Should Have

According to a BBC World Service poll, 4 out of 5 people believe access to WiFi is a fundamental human right. The United Nations support this view, stating that:

“Everyone, everywhere should have the opportunity to participate and no one should be excluded from the benefits the Information Society offers”

in today’s hyper connected world, we have become so reliant on WiFi, that it sits high on the priority list for many.

So, what does this mean for your venue?

Well, if you agree WiFi is fundamental human right, it should be one of the pillars of your customer service strategy and core to providing an exceptional customer experience.

The question is, how good is your venue’s WiFi Login Page experience for your customers?

Not all Venue WiFi Login Software is made equal, just as you can cut corners on staff training or décor, you can cut corners on your Captive WiFi Portal Software. But, if you provide your customers with a seamless WiFi login experience, you can keep them happy with the access they crave, and keep them coming back time and again.

So, which features should your Venue’s Captive WiFi Portal Software include? We’ve put together a handy checklist so you know what the most successful venues are using:

  1. Automated Customer Recall

    The first time a customer logs into your free WiFi, it should be quick and painless, a few clicks using their social media or Google login to speed up the process. The second, third and any future logins should not take away any time from your customer, it shouldn’t distract them from time with friends or enjoying your venue. They should be automatically logged on as soon as they walk through the door. Most Captive WiFi Portal Software doesn’t do this, so if your venue does, it will be an added surprise to help delight your customer and make their experience even better.
  2. Personalised Login Page

    Does your Captive WiFi Portal Software allow you to personalise the login experience across multiple venues? If you run a chain of cafes or restaurants, each offering a different value proposition, or differing opportunities to promote and encourage repeat visits, its essential to have a customised login screen for each venue, or risk missing opportunities to capture customers attention when they first login.
  3. Frequency of Visit Personalisation

    Most of our customers agree, there is a big difference in what attracts Customer #1 – a first time customer who you’d like to come back for a second visit, versus long standing Customer #2 – who has been coming to your venue every morning before work for the last two years.

    Let’s consider the differences; Customer #1 has no loyalty (yet!), no emotional connection with good times experienced at your venue and may only be there because they’re using a voucher from their Discount Voucher APP. You could rely on the 3rd party Voucher APP to get them back for a repeat visit, or you could personalise your own voucher coupons having captured their contact details through your Captive WiFi Portal.

    Customer #2 however, is loyal to your venue, but what happens if they are tempted away by another venue offering the same benefits? Do you have a mechanism to solidify and reward their loyalty, without the need for stamps or stickers they collect on an easy to lose card?

    Your venues Captive WiFi Portal Software should enable you to customise vouchers, coupons and other marketing messages to multiple customer profiles. If it doesn’t, you are missing an opportunity to personalise, in a world where personalisation is fast becoming an expectation.
  4. Video Popup Ads

    Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world? Its second only to Google and continuing to grow in popularity. The reason it’s so popular is people want to consume content with a limited amount of effort, and video makes it super easy to sit back and watch with minimal effort.

    With the right tools, video can be a compelling medium to capture your customer’s attention and promote an upcoming event, seasonal offer or concept you are launching at your venue.
  5. Personalised Coupons

    Hands up how many of you have access to a Discount Voucher APP like Groupon or The Entertainer? These voucher apps are a contentious issue right now, some venues feel they are a must have and others are boycotting them. Whatever your opinion, we believe that whilst they are a great way of attracting customers to your venue for the first time, you shouldn’t have to rely on them for repeat business.

    With the right Captive WiFI Portal Software, when a customer has visited your venue once, you can create and send them personalised coupons and vouchers to encourage repeat visits, keeping control of your customer relationship with you.

    WandaFi not only enables the creation and automated distribution of personalised vouchers, it provides automated customer recall, personalised marketing based on frequency of visit and video popup ads. Our customers are using these features today to improve their customer experience and encourage repeat business for their venues.

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You can read the full BBC World Service findings here, and read more on the UN World Summit on the Information Society here. You can also read more on the right to internet access here.