Fast and Agile Marketing Using Your Venue’s Captive WiFi Portal Software

Three things will set your café, restaurant or bar apart from competing venues:

  1. Being fast to re-connect with customers who have enjoyed a positive first experience in your venue
  2. Being agile to adapt your marketing campaigns, in real time, in response to its success or shortcomings
  3. Being fanatical about maintaining an up to date and accurate customer database

In this blog, we explore how you can be fast, agile and accurate in order to win new customers and keep them coming back, by using the right Captive WiFi Portal Software.

Keep an Accurate Customer Database

The problem many venues face, is they are marketing to a static, out of date or poorly maintained database of customers. This results in an increased cost of marketing and poor return on investment, because customers may no longer be living or working in the same area or perhaps have changed mobile phone number or e-mail.

To keep your database accurate, avoid using a static Excel list or CRM that is not directly linked to your Captive Portal Software and for best results, use a Captive Portal with a “live database”; this should automatically update as customers return to your venue, without the need for the customer or your staff to do anything extra.

Be Fast to re-connect with First Time Customers

In today’s world of instantaneous gratification and constant distraction, we’re one click or swipe away from what we need. Every single customer that visits your venue will see or hear 3,000 or more commercial adverts and promotions in any 24hr period, from brands vying for their attention. In order to combat this and avoid being a forgotten memory in your customers minds, the second thing successful venues do is ensure a fast response to any customer who has accessed WiFi in their venue.

This enables you to build on a positive customer experience, share promotions or upcoming events and encourage a repeat visit that turns a one-off customer into a regular visitor and fan of your venue.

In order to be fast, you need to leverage technology and automation, combined with the customer data captured (E.g: age, gender, current location), to push personalised text or e-mail messages to your customers that are relevant to them. Remember, if I’m overwhelmed with adverts, I’m much more likely to take notice if a promotion is personalised to me.

Be Agile to Adapt Marketing Campaigns in Real-Time

However creative and personalised your marketing campaigns are, it’s impossible to predict exactly which ones will work and which won’t, which images will work best, or which text will get the best conversion. When you setup a campaign, it’s important to have the ability to be agile in responding to either poorly performing campaigns by making adjustments, or to double down on successful campaigns to maximise that success.

In order to be agile, you need to ensure you have Captive WiFi Portal Software that gives you real time data and the ability to make changes and adjustments on the fly with an integrated CRM. This agility will ensure you don’t end up frustrated a month down the line when you review your P&L, only to see that the campaigns you were running didn’t have the desired impact. Instead, leverage technology to be proactive and agile so you keep your venue busy.

Existing WandaFi customers already have access to all of this functionality and more because our software includes an integrated CRM. If you would like guidance and advice on using WandaFi to be faster, more agile and more accurate, ask one of our team and we’ll be happy to help.

If you haven’t made the step to implement the WandaFi Captive WiFi Portal Software in your venue yet, click here to book a consultation and free demo and start making meaningful connections with your customers.